A word for the solar wise and bright!

Since giving an oral presentation on the advantages of using flourescent ligh bulbs I have wisely invested in them for my own household and urged others to try them out. Have you ever felt an incandescent bulb…ouch it hurts right?It sets off so many bad carbons that are harmful to the environment. Now replace that bulb with a flourescent one and voula its quite a transition without ommiting any heat from its source.

Everyone knows that compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs are superior to their incandescent predecessors because they last much longer and user much less electricity. So what’s the next step in high-value, low-impact light bulbs? That would be light-emitting diodes (LEDs), the superefficient light source that’s slowly making its way onto Christmas trees and traffic signals. Thus far, however, their relatively weak light and silvery hue have kept them out of home lamps and ceiling fixtures.

But, as Wired magazine reported this week, Philips is intent on changing that. Its EnduraLED bulb has fixed those problems, and offers a tiny energy demand and lifespan longer than that of some household pets: it lasts “25 times longer than an equivalent incandescent, all while using 80 percent less power.” Now that’s what I call proof in the pudding. It is certainly a bright idea to expand the life of our bulbs without emptying our pockets for the sake of longevity!


About lealou4solarpower

Welcome Everyone! Lealou is a graduate from UMA and a dedicated member of the climate change support group 350.org. Throughout my four years as a student, I have conducted research on the subject of solar energy and climate change patterns throughout the world. Al Gore's movie ,"An Inconvenient Truth", helped me see the world differently and our precious earth more seriously. Isn't it time we all begin anew and start taking a better look at the world around us?
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