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Solar power is the energy source of my choice.  The American goverment should give long term loans to the people to obtain these solar panels. Substantial tax cuts should be given to taxpayers installing these panels.

PACE works by letting homeowners pay for rooftop solar arrays and energy-saving retrofits through a surcharge on their property tax bills. The cost is paid back over 10 to 20 years. In this way PACE removes high upfront costs and ensures that property owners don’t lose out if it they sell — the new buyer inherits both the home improvements and the tax assessment. The Berkeley-born model creates work for building contractors, cuts carbon pollution, and essentially runs on private capital, since cities and towns that offer PACE fund it through municipal bonds.

Making Homes More Energy Efficient

MaineHousing’s Weatherization and Appliance

Replacement Programs invest in energy

efficiency to reduce home heating and

utility costs and make homes more affordable.

• 1,457 homes had energy efficiency improvements

through two Weatherization programs.

• 1,786 older inefficient refrigerators were replaced, saving

an estimated 17% of electric use in a typical home.

Over time, MaineHousing has replaced appliances in

over 7,000 homes and weatherized over 18,000 homes.

In addition MaineHousing’s Home Energy Loan

Program provided nearly $500,000 in low interest rate

loans in 2007 to moderate income homeowners for

energy improvements.

Opening the Door to Homeownership

MaineHousing’s offers mortgages with below

market interest rates and down payment

assistance to help make homeownership a

reality for eligible buyers who have not

owned a home in the past three years. Veterans and

active duty military also may be eligible. In 2007:

• 961 Maine families bought homes with a MaineHousing

mortgage (with an average interest rate of 5.1%),


About lealou4solarpower

Welcome Everyone! Lealou is a graduate from UMA and a dedicated member of the climate change support group Throughout my four years as a student, I have conducted research on the subject of solar energy and climate change patterns throughout the world. Al Gore's movie ,"An Inconvenient Truth", helped me see the world differently and our precious earth more seriously. Isn't it time we all begin anew and start taking a better look at the world around us?
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