Answer Is blowing In The Wind.

Blowing in the Wind

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The future of wind power in Maine is going so far offshore that landlubbers won’t be able to get a glimpse of the working turbines. The emerging technology that could make Maine’s offshore wind program the first in the nation is being researched and developed right in our own backyard.

How many times must a fisherman look up before he can see the sky?

How much oil can the state of Maine burn before the price goes too high?

In the next 20 years, as power costs soar, how in the world will we get by?

One answer may literally be blowing in the steady offshore winds in the Gulf of Maine. After an initial burst of construction, wind power in Maine has recently run into a spate of criticism. Neighbors don’t like the noise, environmentalists decry the spoiling of mountain views, and energy experts question the costs of construction and maintenance versus projected, but as yet unrealized, long-term benefits.

I think the benefits are great and these wind turbines are the answers to our prayers as a new lead source of energy for the state of Maine. They are an incredible energy power source that needs to keep growing with huge savings to our pocket. The answer is definitely blowing in the wind my friend if you take a good look at all they have to offer. Please feel free to post your own comments about wind turbines and how they might benefit us now and in the future. 

But the next generation of wind turbines—if a consortium of companies led by the new Offshore Wind Center at the University of Maine has its way—will be over the horizon, where no one will hear them, and few people will see them at all. The dream of abundant offshore wind energy in Maine is rapidly moving from poetry to pragmatism. In the next two years, it will be put to the test.


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Welcome Everyone! Lealou is a graduate from UMA and a dedicated member of the climate change support group Throughout my four years as a student, I have conducted research on the subject of solar energy and climate change patterns throughout the world. Al Gore's movie ,"An Inconvenient Truth", helped me see the world differently and our precious earth more seriously. Isn't it time we all begin anew and start taking a better look at the world around us?
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